KITARM release tablet solution with omap3 dm3730 cortex A8 + DSP dual core


The core board of omap3 dm3730, board size is 5.7x4.3x0.2cm


the main board is function board, with wifi,bluetooth,fm radio, gps,3G module(gprs, edge,cdma,wcdma,td-scdma,evdo,hspa),HDMI,SD CARD,OTG,USB HOST,LVDS LCD display, touch screen, ethernet


Big photo of core board, PMIC is tps65930, cpu chip is dm3730cus100, memory ddr up to 2Gb, flash up to 8Gb, the thickness is only less than 2mm.


below is main board


back of main board, no components is mainly for solution of tablet pc


mini pcie slot for 3G module like ipad


ublox gps module lea-5s


usb hub and ethernet mac+phy smsc lan5914 and touch controler chip tps2054, and g-sensor chip c2120


lvds83b for lvds lcd display; tfp410 for hdmi output; tvp5146fpf can support video record




The DM37x generation of high-performance, applications processors are based on the enhanced device architecture and are integrated on TI's advanced 45-nm process technology. This architecture is designed to provide best in class ARM and Graphics performance while delivering low power consumption. This balance of performance and power allow the device to support the following example applications:

  • Portable Data Terminals
  • Navigation
  • Auto Infotainment
  • Gaming
  • Medical Imaging
  • Home Automation
  • Human Interface
  • Industrial Control
  • Test and Measurement
  • Single board Computers

The device can support numerous HLOS and RTOS solutions including Linux and Windows Embedded CE which are available directly from TI.

  • DM3730, DM3725 Digital Media Processors:
    • Compatible with OMAP™ 3 Architecture
    • ARM® microprocessor (MPU) Subsystem
      • Up to 1-GHz ARM® Cortex™-A8 Core, Also supports 300, 600, and 800-MHz
      • NEON SIMD Coprocessor
    • High Performance Image, Video, Audio (IVA2.2™) Accelerator Subsystem
      • Up to 800-MHz TMS320C64x+™ DSP Core
      • Enhanced Direct Memory Access (EDMA) Controller (128 Independent Channels)
      • Video Hardware Accelerators
    • POWER SGX™ Graphics Accelerator (DM3730 only)
      • Tile Based Acrchitecture Delivering up to 20 MPoly/sec
      • Universal Scalable Shader Engine: Multi-threaded Engine Incorporating Pixel and Vertex Shader Functionality
      • Industry Standard API Support: OpenGLES 1.1 and 2.0, OpenVG1.0
      • Fine Grained Task Switching, Load Balancing, and Power Management
      • Programmable High Quality Image Anti-Aliasing
    • Advanced Very-Long-Instruction-Word (VLIW) TMS320C64x+™ DSP Core
      • Eight Highly Independent Functional Units
      • Six ALUs (32-/40-Bit); Each Supports Single 32- bit, Dual 16-bit, or Quad 8-bit, Arithmetic per Clock Cycle
      • Two Multipliers Support Four 16 × 16-Bit Multiplies (32-Bit Results) per Clock Cycle or Eight 8 × 8-bit Multiplies (16-Bit Results) per Clock Cycle
      • Load-Store Architecture With Non-Aligned Support
DM3730-1000 DM3730-800
CPU 1 64x+,ARM Cortex-A8 1 64x+,ARM Cortex-A8
Peak MMACS 6400 5280
RISC Frequency(MHz) 1000 800
Frequency(MHz) 800 660
On-Chip L1/SRAM 64 KB (ARM Cortex-A8) 64 KB (ARM Cortex-A8)
On-Chip L2/SRAM 256 KB (ARM Cortex-A8) 256 KB (ARM Cortex-A8)
RAM(KB) 64 K 64 K
ROM (KB) 32 32
EMIF 1 32-Bit SDRC,1 16-Bit GPMC 1 32-Bit SDRC,1 16-Bit GPMC
External Memory Type Supported LPDDR,NOR Flash,NAND flash,OneNAND,Asynch SRAM LPDDR,NOR Flash,NAND flash,OneNAND,Asynch SRAM
DMA(Ch) 32-Bit Channel SDMA 32-Bit Channel SDMA
Video Port (Configurable) 1 Dedicated Output,1 Dedicated Input 1 Dedicated Output,1 Dedicated Input
Graphics Accelerator 1 1
MMC/SD 3 3
McBSP 5 5
Pin/Package 423FCBGA, 515POP-FCBGA
I2C 4 4
McSPI 4 4
HDQ/1-Wire 1 1
USB 4 4
Timers 12 32-Bit GP,1 32-Bit WD 12 32-Bit GP,1 32-Bit WD
Core Supply (Volts) 1.1 V 1.1 V
IO Supply(V) 1.8 V 1.8 V




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